We’re in Maine!

Thomas Oyster CO Bridal Party
Ashley and Upamanyu with Bridal Party at Thomas Oyster Co Mystic Seaport, CT.

We are SO excited to announce that we have completely relocated our photography business (now serving all of New England) to southern Maine!

We are a husband and wife wedding photographer duo who absolutely love every moment of what we do. From scouting new venues and engagement locations, to assisting in planning the timeline of your day, not to mention getting behind the camera to make the magic happen– every second of our “job” is a dream come true for us!

Bridal Party Fun on the Bridge
The bridal party cheers as the bride and groom kiss along the stone bridge of Elizabeth Park in West Hartford Connecticut

With Nathan’s background in landscape photography, and Florence’s attention to detail in macro and composition, we consider our specialty to be outdoor open-air wedding venues or rustic barn-style receptions. We LOVE to combine the beauty of your wedding with the natural beauty of mother nature and the great outdoors! Though just because we love that style, doesn’t mean everyone else does, so don’t worry if you’re not getting married outdoors…we’ll still be there to create those memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives!


Bride and Groom Bridge Reflection
The Bride and Groom kiss gently on a white bridge over a small pond, their reflections showing beautifully in the crystal clear water below.


Flower Girl
The cute flower girl sports her poofy dress as she holds her mother’s hand during the ceremony at this Middletown CT Wedding.

So far Maine has been absolutely wonderful for us. We cannot wait to see what our future holds in our new home.

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Wedding Photo Editing Before + After

Here’s a common question when searching for a wedding photographer to book for your wedding:¬†“How much should I spend and who is the best value?”

I’ll admit, it can be tempting to take a look at the photographer who’s prices come in way below your budget, because hey, who doesn’t like to save money…right? But sometimes it pays off to hire a professional over your good friend with a camera who offered to take pictures during your wedding day.

It is often overlooked that professional photographers do not just simply get paid to spend the day capturing the memories of the events throughout your wedding– they also preserve those memories in artistic styles by means of diligently working on the images on the computer for weeks after your wedding.

To demonstrate this, I want to share one of my images of a wedding that I photographed recently. Take a look at the photograph below, which came straight out of my camera before any editing:

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills Bride and Groom Portrait Before Editing

The sun was getting low in the sky, sending harsh shadows across the barn, so my exposure was longer in order to minimize them. The venue had lawn care done recently and was attempting to re-grow grass obtrusively in the middle of this gorgeous area which included the name of the venue which I knew that the bride and groom would surely like to look back on. The white streak of the filled-in crack on the sidewalk pulls your attention away from the white dress that the bride is wearing and draws your eye to nothing in the corner of the photo. Lastly, though this may be a little nitpicking now, the oil stains on the sidewalk by the stairs to the right are simply ugly.

As a professional photographer, we are trained to look at each image in immense detail so that the final product that we deliver lives not only up to our standards, but exceeds yours. Here is my corrected version of the photograph, which I worked on for about 30-minutes using editing software on the computer:

Bride and Groom The Barns at Wesleyan Hills Wedding
The bride and groom pose in front of the barn doors at the Barns at Wesleyan Hills Venue in Middletown Connecticut. The setting summer sun illuminates the barn in soft light during this beautiful evening wedding.

I think you’ll agree that the final result is much more pleasing to the eye!

Thus, when you are looking for your photographer for your event, please don’t only consider the time to photograph on the day of, but remember, it is all about the effort they will put in after the fact and behind the scenes, in order to deliver an incredible product to bring back all those wonderful memories for years to come.

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Ashley and Upamanyu– Mystic Seaport CT Wedding

It was an absolutely gorgeous blue-bird day on the coastline of Connecticut at historic Mystic Seaport. The sun beamed down causing the water to glisten but the gentle breeze kept everyone cool so that they would enjoy this perfect outdoor wedding.

Mystic Seaport quickly has become one of my favorite venues to photograph! It boasts tall historic ships, beautiful coastal buildings, and unparalleled seacoast views perfect for the couple looking to have their wedding ceremony surrounded by fresh air and a crisp landscape.

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from Ashley and Upamanyu’s special day:


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